Cast Iron Casting Manufacturer

Cast Iron Casting Manufacturer

Samarth Foundry Services Pvt. Ltd. (SFS) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and part of Samarth Magna Group. We are a leading supplier of low/medium volume, medium-sized machined Cast Iron (CI) Castings. Our clientele includes non-auto OEMs making Compressors, Pumps, Plastic Moulding Machines, Gearboxes, Locomotive Industry Players & other Equipment Industries. Our team, infrastructure & processes are capable of producing intricate Cast Iron Castings for the engineering industry. For meeting the challenges, Samarth Team uses its ability of faster development and its flexible manufacturing approach and supporting infrastructure. To offer a unique customer advantage of shortening the lead time for equipment buyers, Samarth Group has in-house machining facility which is again designed to cater to a variety of weight, size and volume requirements.

Our Products

We focus mainly on developing and manufacturing critical and challenging products according to specific requirements of customers. Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest amenities to ensure that we produce high-quality products aimed at delivering customer satisfaction.


Built in Flexibility:
Volume, Size & Grades

  • Weight range- 100 kgs to 500 kgs
  • Size – 300 mm to 2000 mm
  • Gray Iron Grades -GG200,GG250,GG 300
  • Ductile Iron Grades - GGG40, GGG50, GGG60, GGG70

Fully Machined Components,
Under One Roof

Samarth Foundry Services and its group companies have casting as well as machining facility to ensure delivery of fully-machined components as per customer’s need.

Fast Component

Our team has the experience and the proficiency for quicker development with optimum lead time.


Team Samarth’s continual efforts on waste elimination ensure that the customer gets due benefits of cost saving through lean manufacturing approach

Lead Time

Ability to deliver medium-sized, fully-machined iron castings in limited volumes of 20-500 units/month within shorter lead time.

Delivery : On Time,
Every Time

We ensure prompt product delivery while adhering to client’s budget, specifications and deadlines.

Robust QMS

Our quality management system adheres to ISO 9000:2015 and hence provides adequate assurance for customer’s quality requirements.


Environmental care is a core value of the group and hence we have an eco-friendly setup of in-house thermal reclamation to eliminate waste sand disposal from our foundry.

Our Infrastructure

Samarth Foundry Services Pvt. Ltd. caters to requirements of medium sized (100 kgs to 500 kgs) machined iron castings. Our clientele includes non-auto OEMs making compressors, pumps, plastic moulding machines, gearboxes, locomotive industry & other equipment industries. Our facilities are designed to meet variable requirements in terms of size, weight, criticality and grades of cast iron.

Awards and Recognition

Since our inception, our aim has been to live up to the changing expectations of our customers. Over the last two decades, we have create our own niche by setting benchmarks in the industry. Here are some of the recent awards which we have won recently-

  • Best HR Practices Award by TLC
  • Best MSME Award by Bank Of Baroda
  • Best Strategy Award by TLC
  • Best Supplier Award by Atlas Copco

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Cast Iron Casting FAQ

There are a number of important benefits that the use of Gray Iron for casting provides. Gray Iron Castings can be:

  • Machined more easily.
  • Used in applications that require dimensional stability
  • Castings does not swell so, casting weight stability.
  • Castings does not swell so, less machining cycle time.
  • Designing a casting that are currently welded, forged or fabricated.

We can pour from 100 kg to 500 kg single piece Casting.

Yes, we have box sizes from 24 " X 24 " up to 60" X 63". Our maximum box size is 70" X 22”

We have following facilities in Quality Department for Ductile Iron Castings: Spectrometer, Microscope with Image analyzer, Tensile Testing machine , Scratch hardness Tester , B 4 U Cup , Portable pyrometer , Endoscopy , Brinell hardness tester , Poldy hardness tester, 1 m Vernier , 1 m Micrometer , 1 m Height gauge , Surface Table , DFT Meter

We have Ultrasonic Testing facility (UT), Magnetic particle Inspection testing facility (MPI) and Die penetrant testing facility (DP) in-house

Yes, we have Electrical Heat treatment furnace in-house. We can submit Time - Temperature graph along with Material Test certificate.

We have our own thermal sand reclamation units. We don’t throw single kilogram sand outside.

Yes, Currently Samarth foundry services Pvt. Ltd. associated with Pinnacle Precision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for machining and sub-assemblies and give one stop solution to our prestigious customers. Our own new machine and assembly shop will be start in the month of March 2019 at KATP Tardal. This machine shop is just 3 km away from Foundry Unit.

We are producing following material grades,

Ductile Cast Iron: SG 400/10, SG 400/15, SG 500/7, SG 600/3 & SG 700/2

Also we have developed special Ductile Cast Iron grades like SG 400/18, SG 400/22, SG 500/10, SG 600/10, SG 700/5 etc.

We have produced thin layer & critical section cores on No bake core shooter. We have Unique no bake core making & shell core making facilities in-house.